Facilissimo (6 bottle box)

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Item code: 0-4422. Facilissimo is liotise liquid egg whites, obtained by the means of innovative heat treatment similar to pasteurization (with very low temperature) and from shelled hen eggs that allows for a shelf life of up to six months at room temperature. It is a product without additives and preservatives. It is ready to use without any waste of product or time. It is used for confectionery, ice-creams, culinary uses and any other preparations requiring enhanced whipping capacity, stability and consistency. Content: 1 kg equivalent to approximately 32 egg whites. Shelf life: 6 months. Storage: 0°C to +25°C. Packaging: 6 bottle box, pallet layers: 6 x 21 boxes.
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Categories Proteins
Origin Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
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Facilissimo (6 bottle box)

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