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Familiarity of ingredients is becoming just as important as naturalness

By Lycored SARL ·

Consumers today are seeking out products made with ingredients that are familiar as well as natural.

Lycored offers food manufacturers the opportunity to harness this trend with its range of Real Food Ingredients that deliver taste and texture improvement in a wide range of applications. Produced from 100% tomato, Lycored’s Real Food Ingredients make it possible to use simple label declarations that all consumers will recognize.

Solutions include:

Familiarity of ingredients is becoming just as important as naturalness

Dry Tomato Pulp – an ingredient that combines an authentically fresh and vibrant red colour with a stable texture for red sauces (including pasta sauces), ketchups and soups. Dry Tomato Pulp does not turn brown, and is ideal for achieving colour consistency. It also adds colour and improves texture in meat-based products such as sausages, in which many food colourings or starches are not permitted.

SANTE – a taste enhancer that provides a high concentration of the natural compounds that produce umami (the fifth taste) and kokumi (the Japanese word for deliciousness) to accentuate existing flavour characteristics while remaining taste neutral. SANTE enables product formulators to create deliciousness naturally and reduce levels of ingredients that can be unattractive on the label, such as salt, MSG and yeast.

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