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FIT offers: Fat filled milk powders, from Ireland,Spray powder, Ingredients : skimmed milk, vegetable oil, Options : sugar, vitamins/minerals, lecithin (for instant powder, lecithin adjunction is required), Fat: 26.0-27.99% max, Proteins : 23.5% min, Instant or not, Thermostable, Possible adjunction of vitamins or minerals, Applications : beverages (reconstitution of liquid milk), bakery and pastry, ice creams, yoghurts, UHT milk, whitener for coffee or tea. 25 kg bags, BIG BAG, Shelflife of 24 months. Instant fat filled milk powder, from Ireland or Italy, Spray powder, Ingredients : milk constituents, vegetable oil, milk, cream, soy lecithin E332  Fat: 26-28% Proteins : 8% to 20% Thermostable Thanks to its high stability to heat, combined with a good wettability, this product is particularly adapted to hot beverages such as whiteners for coffee or tea. 25 kg bags BIG BAG Shelflife 18 to 24 months FAT FILLED MILK POWDER 28/25 Dairy specialty, 28 % fat, 25% proteins Instant powder: dissolution into water at 70°C max. Packaging : 25kg bag, 3 plies kraft paper and internal polyethylene bag closed tight by welding and sewing. Best before: 18 months MANUFACTURED AND PRODUCED IN FRANCE
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Categories Fat Replacers
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Africa
Supplied from France; Ireland

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