Fibrimex® Flakes and Plasmapowder FG/FG+

Product description

Fibrimex® Flakes and Plasmapowder FG/FG+: innovative binding tools!
Fibrimex® is a natural product for the cold set binding of fresh meat
(products). No comminution of raw materials is necessary, so an optimal
maintenance of the meat structure is achieved in bound products.
Under circumstances the raw materials may be brined or marinated.
The binding product Fibrimex® Flakes includes two components:
1) Fibrinogen, which contains the essential constituents for the binding,
and 2) Thrombin which initiates the gelling of the Fibrinogen and the
subsequent binding process of meat or fish pieces. Plasmapowder FG
and Plasmapowder FG+ include a concentrated amount of Fibrinogen.

Fibrimex® is available as a frozen 2 component liquid and as an
all-in-one powder. Both binding tools allow the production of high
added value products and the upgrading of raw materials. They offer
many possibilities for new product variations, while optimal portion
control can be achieved. Meat products formed with Fibrimex® exhibit a
lower cooking loss after frying or roasting than the same meat without
Fibrimex®. This can positively effect the juiciness of end products.
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Details The success factors of Fibrimex®
• Proteins of natural origin
• Binding of fresh raw materials without heating
• Upgrading of raw materials
• Enlargement of new product variations
• Excellent portion control
• Reduced cooking loss after frying or roasting
• No sensory deviations
• Application on small scale as well as large scale
• No allergic reactions
Categories Proteins
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Origin Jamaica
Selling Points Convenience; Natural Ingredients; Sustainability
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Fibrimex® Flakes and Plasmapowder FG/FG+

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