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Duke Thomson's India Pvt Ltd. have launched a large number of different powdered, spray-dried and granulated flavourings for different kinds of application. Controlled release flavours for different kinds of delivery systems and heat-resistant flavours are among the ones that have been considered as the best solutions ever for sensitive food. The production of fruit powders and natural fruit paste as well as fruit and herb extracts (spray-dried) complement portfolio of flavour solutions. It includes liquid, powdered, spray-dried and granulated flavourings; beverage bases, compounds and emulsions; butter and margarine flavours; clouding agents; natural extracts and functional ingredients; fruit powders. Applications: beverages (alcoholic &non alcoholic), ice cream & dairy products, confectionery, energy drinks, baked foods, savouries & seasonings, dry mixed soups & sauces, tea leaves and infusions, pharmaceutical powder.flavours. Contact us for more information.
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Categories Flavours and Spices
Sales markets Asia
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