Flavourtech Launches Small-Scale SCC

29 Nov 2021

The Spinning Cone Column (SCC) was developed by Flavourtech almost 40 years ago.

The original model was the SCC-10,000, with a nominal capacity of 10,000 L/hr. This model was quickly followed by the smaller, pilot plant size SCC-1,000, which has a nominal capacity of 1,000 L/hr on water-like products. Over the years it has become clear that a model capable of processing smaller throughputs is required. The SCC-100 was launched in 2021 with the first installations occurring early in 2022. The new model will assist with the optimisation of aroma profile operating parameters on larger, commercial units, as well as the processing of small volumes of extremely high value products.

The SCC-100 can be used to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively collect and concentrate aroma compounds from:

  • Coffee and Tea extracts
  • Fruit & Vegetable juices
  • Evaporator Condensate
  • Reconcentrate 1st pass aroma
  • Dealcoholisation of wine
  • Flavourtech Launches Small-Scale SCC
    The new small-scale SCC-100

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