Frozen Apples - frozen pears

Product description

VOG Products offers a wide range of products under ingredients for baking and confectionery category which includes frozen apples/ pears. Fresh and ripe fruits are delivered as single varietals in large-scale pallet boxes and subsequently subjected to quality controls. After approval, the fruits are sorted and cleaned in a water bath. They are peeled and pitted, and then the individual fruit pieces are hand sorted after another fresh water treatment. The fruit pieces then pass through a frosting procedure conducted at -40° c (IQF). During this process, they are further checked for imperfections and bruises by our electronically monitored laser sorting machine. Afterwards, the fruit slices/dices are packed and stored at a temperature of -20° c. Forms: slices, dices (8x8mm, 10x10mm, 12x12mm, 15x15mm, and 20x20mm), spears (cut as french-fry type wedges) and slivers, with or without paring, various cuts. Packaging: packed in boxes with PE bags of 10 kg or in retail packaging of 4x2,5kg net weight.
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