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We offer a large range of fruit pieces which are a crucial component in snack mixes, bread, biscuits, cakes, cereal bars, chocolate, desserts, decoration, frozen desserts, garnishes, ice cream, jam/marmalade/conserves, muffins, nougat, pastries and yoghurt.

There are a wide range of dehydrated fruits available including lemon, apple, banana, raspberry, strawberry, and many more; in fact we offer pieces from over 40 different fruits.

We are also able to offer many variations to suit your application including:

Piece Size e.g Whole, chopped 3-5mm, 4-9mm etc.

Sugar-Infused, Apple-Juice Infused
Segments, Shapes, Flakes   

Candied (Sugar-Infused and Sugar Coated)
Rice-Flour Rolled (free-flowing)

Formed (Natural colour and flavour on carrier) Bake stable




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