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The new generation of frying oil of the highest quality, with less than 1% trans fats. Inside- disagree palm oil, like many other frying oils do, but have a high content of oleic acid. High oleic acid gives the oil a long life and a low content of saturated fatty acids. The product, made of special seeds of rapeseed and sunflower, is liquid at low temperatures and gives beautiful crunchy results. The frying oil for you that requires both your cooking and surroundings. Ingredients: High oleic canola oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil. Storage: Cool / room temperature. The product is liquid even at low temperatures. Packing: The container is made ​​of polyethylene (HDPE) and sorted as hard plastic. Article number: 6384-4704, Size: 10L, Number / pl: 80 St., Weight/pallet net kg: 733.6 kg, Number of Lichen: 4, Height of pallet: 1390mm.
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Categories Fat Replacers; Flavour Enhancers; Nutrients
Supplied from Nepal

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Frying oil High Oleic

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