Galastar Pcac-01 “Super Fast”

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Galastar pcac-01 “super-fast” is a pure culture of pediococcus acidilactici recommended for the production of us style fast fermented sausages where very fast PH drop and low final PH (<4.8) are wanted. It is presented in the form of a convenient and easy-to-handle freeze-dried powder. Appearance: white to beige powder. Carrier: maltodextrine. Dosage: 20 g (= 1 pouch) for 100 kg of meat mince. Shelf life: 6 months at +4°c (+39°f) –and 12 months at -18°c (0°f).
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Details Microbial concentration: Pediococcus acidilactici cfu/g: Min. 2.0E+10. Dry matter % w/w: Min. 92. Manganese sulphate % w/w: Max. 2.5. Lead ppm: Max. 3. Arsenic ppm: Max. 1. Mercury ppm: Max. 0.1, Cadmium ppm: Max. 1, Total mesophilic aerobes cfu/g: Max. 100000, Enterobacteriaceae cfu/g: Max. 100, Total coliforms cfu/g: Max. 100, Yeasts and moulds cfu/g: Max. 100, Salmonella spp. cfu/g: Neg. in 25 g, Listeria monocytogenes cfu/g: Neg. in 25 g.
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Galastar Pcac-01 “Super Fast”

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