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Galaxium pearls pharma is the calcium salt of natural l (+) lactic acid produced by fermentation. It has a very high purity which improves the solubility while decreasing interactions such as oxidation. Its innovative shape allows high performance in terms of solubility, dissolution rate, floability and floodability. It is formulated to exceed the highest quality standards of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Chemical name calcium 2-hydroxypropanoate pentahydrate. Color: white. Odor: neutral. Taste: neutral. Storage conditions: dry, well ventilated room. Shelf life: 48 months.
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Details Appearance of solution: Passes test. Positive test of calcium: Passes test. Positive test of lactate: Passes test. Calcium lactate content (as anhydrous) % w/w: 98 – 101. Calcium content (as anhydrous) % w/w: 16.5 – 20.1. Calcium content % w/w: 13.1 – 14.5. Heavy metals (as Pb) ppm: Max. 5. Iron ppm: Max. 25. Chloride ppm: Max. 40. Sulphate ppm: Max. 400. Phosphate ppm: Max. 50. Lead ppm: Max. 2. Arsenic ppm: Max. 1. Barium: Passes test. Mercury ppm: Max. 1. Fluoride ppm: Max. 15. Reducing substances (sugars): Passes test. Volatile fatty acids: Passes test. Acidity - alkalinity: Passes test (acidity). Magnesium and alkali salts % w/w: Max. 1. Mesophilic bacteria counts/g: Max. 100. Moulds counts/g: Max. 100. Yeasts counts/g: Max. 10
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Galaxium Pearls Pharma

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