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Galirem oc 33 is a stabilized aqueous solution of ethyl lactate suited for anaerobe in situ soil remediation. It’s used wherever a high h2 release and low viscosity is required. It offers secure handling as it is unique noninflammable and stabilized ethyl lactate formulation. Chemical name: ethyl-s(-)-2-hydroxy-propionate. Storage conditions: dry, well ventilated room. Shelf life: 3 months at 20°c.
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Details Molecular weight g/mol: 118. Molecular formula: C5H10O3. Density (@20°C/68°F) g/mL: 1.029 – 1.031. Flash point (Closed cup) °C: 85. Stability to hydrolysis (@40°C/104°F) %: stable after 2 months 95. Ethyl lactate content % w/w: 76 – 78. Heavy metals (as Pb) ppm: Max. 10. Sulphate ppm: Max. 10. H2 release potentiality g/kg: 128 – 132.
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