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Hydrolysed wheat gluten, GBS-P51 soluble wheat gluten is a creamy powder, obtained by the enzymatic hydrolysis of gluten and drying by atomization. Reducing the size of polypeptide chains increases their solubility and creates new properties. Solubility is a pH function, and GBS-P51 has a high rate of solubility with relatively acid pHs. GBS-P51 can be used for many applications. It has 'relaxing' effect which is used to improve the workability of dough, it is used as a correcting solution for flours in the making of breads, elaborated breads, sandwich breads, hamburger buns, and pizza dough. By making the production of puffed pastry easier and lowering the rising period, its use is adapted to the making of puffed pastry, croissants, and chocolate-filled pastry. GBS-P51 increases the softness of products and improves the development during the baking of cakes, pound cakes, and sponge cakes. The amino acids in GBS-P51 contribute to its nutritional values which could benefit lactic substitutes, dietary and energy foods and drinks, ready-made meals, sauces and certain delicatessen products.
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Origin France
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GBS-P 51

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