Gely Tara

Product description

Gely tara is tara gum, a natural polysaccharide of high molecular weight, obtained from the seed of the plant caesalpinia spinosa. It belongs to hydrocolloids category. Its aspect correspond to a powder of color from white to light yellow. Chemically, tara gum is a galactomannan made of monomers of mannose and galactose in a relation of 3:1. It has a low content of proteins (2.5%) and practically it does not content fat(<1%). Commercially, there are two main types, defined by the viscosity that the dispersion of this hydrocolloid in water at 1% reaches: 3000 cps and 5000 cps. Gelymar offers the 5000 cps type. It has similar characteristics to those of guar gum and locust bean gum. It totally hydrates without the need of heating, simply by agitation at high speed. It’s a very versatile hydrocolloid and due to this characteristic it has applications in food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in paper, mining and tobacco industries.
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