Get ready for revolutionary sugar replacement!

18 Nov 2020

The Martin Bauer Group, the expert for botanical ingredients since 1930, has developed botanical sweetening solutions based on plants that are 100% natural and not artificial, thus enabling sugar reduction without excuses.

People love sweet drinks. However, consumers also know that sweet taste usually goes hand in hand with the addition of sugar or artificial sweeteners, which are seen as bad news from a health perspective and associated with unpleasant aftertaste. Therefore, the industry is facing the serious challenges of not just to reduce sugar, but to do so without compromising taste.

Get ready for revolutionary sugar replacement!

Sugar replacement with no excuses
The industry is shifting away from sugar, which is high in calories and carries an unhealthy image. But, what are the alternatives? Artificial sweeteners as aspartame or sucralose are low in calories. However, they are perceived as unhealthy by consumers. Honey, agave nectar or coconut blossom sugar are natural sweeteners but are high in calories. Our botanical sweetness solutions are naturally sweet and low in calories – with no excuses!

Clean label sweetness from botanicals
Sweet blackberry leaf, stevia leaf, licorice root and several herbal mixtures are our natural and innovative answer to the growing demand for sugar-reduced food and drink products. Refined as premium extracts or strong infusions, the handling for manufacturers could not be easier – unique in taste and highly efficient in use! The botanical sweetening solutions are 100% natural with a clean and well-balanced sweet taste. Through our gentle extraction process, they offer botanical flavor top notes to round off taste profiles – without any unpleasant aftertaste!

No sugar, all the flavor
The botanical sweeteners range fits for several optimization purposes in a wide range of product applications. In beverage applications, our plant-based sweeteners enable a sugar reduction of 100% – for many cases, this can mean an improvement of the product’s Nutri-Score by at least one score! Further, sweetening extracts and strong infusions provide a natural calorie reduction and clean-label alternatives to isolated glycoside sweeteners, which come with an E-number (E960).

Explore solutions for your individual market needs
The botanical world offers plenty of opportunities and our plant-based sweeteners are applicable for various food and drink applications – from iced tea to flavored water, yoghurt and even ketchup! With botanical sweetness, you will find the concept of developing products in such a way that they meet today’s nutritional trends and enhance the appeal of your products in the market. Develop your clean label “no sugar” shift. With no excuses!


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