Globoost® 90 P

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Globoost® 90 P improves taste and profits.
At the production of cooked hams, shoulders and comminuted meat products, the taste and smell are the most important product characteristics. Besides this, also the protein content (water/protein ratio) is important. Due to changes in legislation and a growing awareness of consumers, ‘clean labelling’ and ‘less E-numbers’ are more required in meat products.

Globoost® 90 P fulfils these demands, as it acts at a meat flavour, containing 90% of protein. It has an amino acid profile which is similar to meat and high in essential amino acids. It is free from hydroxyprolin. At the production of cooked hams and shoulders Globoost® 90 P can be used by adding it to the brine or to the meat during tumbling. Globoost® 90 P can be added during the dough preparation, at the production of comminuted meat products. This can also be done in combination with other protein ingredients.

Which hydrolized animal proteins (HAP’s) Globoost® 90 P is a meat flavour with unique properties, compared to other protein sources such as hydrolized collagen or soy protein isolate. Globoost® 90 P is a mild meat flavour with 90% of animal protein, free from hydroxyprolin. It is perfectly soluble and has a very neutral colour. Of course it is GMO and allergen free. Due to modern production technologies, it can be offered at a very competitive price-level.
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Details The success factors of Globoost® 90 P
• good flavour
• high protein content (90%)
• similar to meat protein (amino acid profile)
• high in essential amino acids
• high solubility
Categories Proteins
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Origin Jamaica
Selling Points Natural Ingredients; Sustainability
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Globoost® 90 P

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