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AIT ingredients offers a wide range of aromatic products:- GRANDE SELECTION WHEAT N°1: lactic/cereal notes. Reinforces the flavour of butter in pastries or brings a delicate flavour to baguette style breads. - GRANDE SELECTION WHEAT N°2: toasted notes, subtly sour and sweet/savory. Provides a wonderful aromatic richness to your finished products. - GRANDE SELECTION RYE N°3: a hint of acidity and fruity, toasted notes. Authentic flavour which works perfectly with rustic or sandwich loaf recipes. - GRANDE SELECTION RYE N°4: A highly aromatic, acidic sourdough with intense fruit and honey notes. A powerful identity for a wide range of products. - GRANDE SELECTION WHEAT GERM N°5: original savory/spicy notes. An ideal gastronomical personality for loaves with character or savory puff pastry. - GRANDE SELECTION N°6 « MÉTEIL INSPIRATION »: toasted/cocoa and honey notes. An ideal signature for rustic farmhouse-type and multigrain breads. - GRANDE SELECTION N°7 « BUCKWHEAT INSPIRATION »: tangy / malted notes of buckwheat. A traditional and sweet flavour that goes with many types of traditional breads and snacks.
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Categories Flavour Enhancers
Origin China
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