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Bio-gen extracts pvt. Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes bromelain. It belongs to nutraceuticals category. It is the? collective? term? for? enzymes? (principally? proteolytic ?enzymes)?derived ?from ?the? ripe? and ?unripe ?fruit,?as? well? as? the? stem? and? leaves,? of? the? pineapple? plant,?ananas? comosus,? a? member? of? the? bromeliaceae? family.? commercial? bromelain? is? typically? stem? bromelain.? bromelain? is? mainly? comprised? of ?cysteine ?proteases,?with ?smaller? amounts ?of ?acid? phosphatase,? peroxidase,? amylase? and? cellulase.? bromelain? contains? at?least ?four ?distinct ?cysteine ?proteasesit ?has? been? used ?as? a? digestive ?aid,?as ?a? cleansing ?agent ?to ?improve ?the ?texture ?of? the? skin, ?and? to ?promote? the ?healing ?of? wounds.?it? is? used?? commercially? in? certain? cosmetics? and ?as ?a ?meat ?tenderizer ?and? dietary ?supplement. Contact us for more information.
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Supplied from India
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Green tea extract

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