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Hy-D® contains specific vitamin D3 metabolite and provides animals with a fast track to a strong skeleton and better performance. For the customers, this means a fast track to higher returns. Hy-D® delivers stronger skeletons effectively. Hy-D® is supplied as a spray-dried beadlet using DSM’s patented technology. This gives a more uniform, better-flowing product with outstanding mixing properties. It is stable when included in premixes and pelleted feeds under standard conditions up to 90°C. Hy-D® is a specific feed additive proven to improve bone strength and density, optimize health and immune function, maximize meat and egg yield, improve hatchability and day-old chick quality, increase meat and egg quality. Hy-D® has shown to deliver on all fronts i.e. Increased daily liveweight gain, superior feed conversion rates, increased meat yield per bird, a higher proportion of acceptable carcasses, superior meat quality with higher consumer acceptance and reduced incidence of black bone syndrome. Feeding Hy-D® allows to get required metabolite 25OHD3 that means stronger skeletons and healthier and more productive animals. Hy-D® delivers significant benefits in poultry and swine production, which cannot be achieved by feeding D3 alone.
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Categories Nutrients
Origin Jamaica
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