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Innova Market Insights is a leading market research company, specialising in knowledge solutions for the food and beverage industry. Innova Database is used by leading companies for future success in the dynamic FMCG industry. At this year’s event, a wide range of commercial and innovative applications of health ingredients will be available for sampling.

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Beyond gut health: Researchers explore the benefits of fibre

25 Mar 2019

Beyond gut health: Researchers explore the benefits of fibre

Dietary fibre has long been linked to digestive health, but now researchers suspect its benefits could extend to bone health, immunity, and even the brain. If confirmed, fibre could hold potential as a functional ingredient in a wide range of foods and drinks.

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6 Feb 2019

Gluten-free texture in the spotlight

The quality of gluten-free products has improved dramatically over the past decade or so, but texture still represents a major stumbling block for manufacturers. How have gluten-free specialists tackled textural challenges?

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24 Jan 2019

Big Food’s plant meat moves signal rapid growth ahead

The market for plant-based meat alternatives has taken off over the past few years – but most market entries have been from relatively new companies. Product launches from established food industry giants like Nestlé are the strongest sign yet that the market still has a lot more room for growth.

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16 Jan 2019

Are oats the new almonds in plant-based beverages?

Oats have emerged as a major new player in the plant-based dairy alternatives market, with growth outstripping almond and soy in 2018, according to Nielsen data.

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