Innovation and focus on the customer. The keys of Sinfo One’s success.

30 Oct 2017

Sinfo One Spa, based in Italy, is a leading and innovative IT Company with more than 30 years activity in the design and implementation of business management systems. An exclusive interview with Paola Pomi, General Manager of Sinfo One.

You are an IT service provider, what kind of services are you offering?
We have more than 30 years’ experience in designing and implementing ERP integrated solutions connected to Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Content Management.
We provide our customers system integration, consultancy and outsourcing services, offering a unique blend of competencies in IT, business and process management. We engender a partnership with our customers and help them meet the ever-stringent and dynamic goals imposed by highly competitive markets. As external witnesses, we are capable of observing challenges rationally and applying a number of best practice adapted to their specific needs.

In which industries are you working? 
We operate in different industry sectors and with customers of any size, from small businesses to multinational corporations, offering extensive knowledge and diverse expertise gained over the years. However, because of our vast experience in the Food & Beverage industry, we believe we can offer a distinctive value to firms operating in this sector.

Innovation and focus on the customer.  The keys of Sinfo One’s success.
Paola Pomi, General Manager of Sinfo One

Do you have custom-made applications for Food & Beverage industry?
Yes, we are an important player in the IT solutions addressed to the Food & Beverage Industry. First, we have a proprietary ERP solution specifically address to this industry. Then, being an Oracle JDE gold partner since 1998, we have on our hands numerous JD Edwards projects, among which a large number in the Food & Beverage sector. For these we have developed specific JDE applications, such as an Accelerate Solution, a solution for the management of commercial relationships with the GDO – an important issue for CPG industries – and a PLM solution, based on Oracle Agile. Thanks to our strong competencies in the Food & Beverage Industry and on PLM we are Oracle’s top partner for any PLM project in the Food & Beverage Industry throughout Europe.

Can you give us some names of customers? 
We have 120 customers, of which 65% in the Food & Beverage Industry. Just to mention a few names: Cremonini (fourth Italian food company), Intersnack Group (German multinational leader in the snack market), Toennies (fourth meet processing firm worldwide), and other famous name in the food industry such as KP Snacks, Barilla, Illy Caffe, Pernigotti, Rana, Labeyrie fine foods, Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro, Chef Express and Coop Italia. As far as other industries are concerned Toyota Italy and Toyota Europe, Acciai Vender, Brevini Group, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals and Cariparma Credit Agricole, as well as others.

You are very well known in your local market in Italy, how about other countries?
We have customers and have delivered important projects in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Canada and have projects being rolled out in the US. For our international PLM customers we are implementing PLM project in many countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland, Scandinavia, the Baltics, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Eastern Europe.

What is the secret of your growth? Is there a secret behind the success?
There is more than one secret behind our success. First of all innovation: every year we invest in research and innovation approximately 15% of our turn over. Then there is our relationship with our customers: we know their business, speak their language, understand their needs, commit ourselves to meet their goals and above all, we have a fair and sincere relationship with them. Our ADV campaigns, for instance, are an effective example of how open and true our relationship with our customers is. During the last six years we have carried out three different advertising campaigns based on customer testimonials. Twenty-five customers – owners, CEO and top managers – have participated, allowing us to use their image, name and voice to promote our solution. Among them names such as Intersnacks Group, KP Snack, Calligaris, JBT, Perfume Holding, etc.
How do you see the future of IT service providers in the food & beverage industry ?
It is important to anticipate the needs of our clients, supporting them promptly. Our added value as system integrator is without a doubt that of generating ideas and creating solutions. Comprehending the challenge at hand and the processes involved is more important than the technology. This we believe is the present and the future of IT service providers not only in the Food & Beverage Industry but in all industries.

Do you have any competition from countries such as India ?
As far as ERP is concerned, we have some competitors also in India. We are among the most well-known and main actors of the world and Oracle reference gold partners across all Europe for PLM in the Food & Beverage sector.

What is your biggest dream, businesswise …
Increase the market share in accordance with our ethic principles: being close to customers and giving effective response to their needs in a clear and feasible way.

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