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O.F.E.T., the Tsetis Group of Pharmaceutical Companies, comprises two complimentary, dynamic companies, UNI-PHARMA S.A. and INTERMED S.A. that share parallel objectives. UNI-PHARMA S.A. was founded in 1969, with the scope of producing innovative pharmaceutical products. Uni-Pharma researches, develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals of the highest quality and effectiveness, covering all major therapeutic categories. INTERMED S.A. was founded in 1996. During its operation, it has proven its successful course, by introducing innovative cosmoceutical and pharmaceutical best-sellers such as CHLORHEXIL, EVA, and UNISEPT. Intermed develops and manufactures high quality products covering all major health care categories (Oral, Dermocosmetic, Gyneocological, Pediatric, Nutritional etc).

Intermed SA

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