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The Company dedicates itself in CO2 SFE technology, developing new botanical drugs, local Chinese herbal medicine, health food, and anti-aging products for the aesthetic medicine. By using our core technologies on natural Chinese herbal medicine, Joben Bio-Medical has successfully developed the new botanic drug JBM-TC4 (patent protection pending), which was approved by U.S. FDA-Phase II for clinical trial in March 2013, and approved by TFDA for phase II clinical trial in May. When the new botanic drug JBM-TC4 is successfully developed, it will offer cancer patients all over the world more options for treating cancer effectively. A botanic drug with compound ingredients can be used with the small molecule drug of a single ingredient, and this will be a major trend for the integrated treatment of cancer in the future, for it not only can assist and increase the anti-cancer treatment, but also reduce the side effects brought about by the small molecule drug of a single ingredient. This is very significant, for it increases the living quality of the cancer patients by reducing the side effects of treatment.

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