Kena FP-28 EC

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Innophos, Inc. produces a wide range of products under the food market which includes kena FP-28 EC. It belongs to processed food and meat, poultry and sea food category. It is a specially processed mixture of food grade sodium phosphates for use in the treatment of poultry. It is quicky soluble and when thoroughly dissolved, a solution of Kena FP-28 is clear and ready to use. Advantages: More succulent flavor and increased tenderness because natural juices are retained, good stability against oxidative deterioration during cooking, process, preparation and storage, improved color and flavor retention - even after frozen storage, thawing and re-heating, reduced cooking time for more efficient processing, greater boning efficiency for higher meat yields, better retention of fluid nutrients during cooking, thawing and re-heating of cooked poultry products.
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Kena FP-28 EC

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