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Applications: (1) Mixtures of quiches and savoury tarts: Functional milk protein mixes to give texture to your preparations and fillings, (2) Purees of minced meats and Brandade: Contribute to the texture, (3) Poultry meat industry: Nuggets and cordons bleus conatins Low fat protein mix for batter mixes, (4) Milk based sauces white, cream-based, cheese-based: Mixes of functional milk proteins to contribute texture to your sauces, variants of opacifying or whitening qualities, (5) Soups veloutés creams: Dairy flavour for veloutés or creams of vegetables and gives texture with the milk protein, (6) Yoghurts and desserts: It conatins functional protein mixtures with 20 to 72 % TNM, for milk standardisation and added firmness or creaminess. Reduces syneresis, (7) Cheese: Milk proteins used in milk standardisation. It ensures texture and softness, (8) Ice creams: Milk protein mixture adapted to provide creaminess. Reduces melting, (9) Liquid Drinks (Acid beverages): It includes dairy protein blend; Neutral beuverages includes high protein value dairy mixture for enriching diet beverage, (10) Fillings: Sour functional protein mixes used in substitution for milk powder. Improves texture, (12) Rised doughs: Functional low fat protein mixes to add dairy taste and texture. Improves rising and mellowness of the dough, (13) Yellow doughs: Functional low fat protein mixes. Enhances foaming and smoothness of batters for sponge cake, madeleine or pound cake. (14) Doughs biscuits: Whole fat or low fat protein mixes used as substitutes for milk powder. Epival “plus” enhances the dairy taste. Contact us for more information.
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Categories Proteins
Origin China
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