Lem O Fos®

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Innophos, Inc. produces a wide range of products under the food market which includes lem O fos®. It belongs to meat, poultry and sea food category. It is a specialty processed hydrate of sodium phosphate and lemon juice concentrate with enhanced antioxidant activity. Advantages: Succulent cooked meats due to reduced loss of juices during cooking, thawing and reheating, appetizing flavor and aroma because LEM-O-FOS® retards formation of off flavors due to oxidative rancidity during processing and storage of meat, poultry and seafood products, retain original meat color by retarding color fading, maintain longer quality shelf life especially for frozen fatty fish species because of the LEM-O-FOS® unique dual antioxidant system, enhance savory flavors.
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Lem O Fos®

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