Introducing Syrcore- Clean. Simple. Sweet.

2 Dec 2021


Introducing Syrcore- Clean. Simple. Sweet.

Let us introduce you to SyrCore.

Naturis’ syrups are produced with the same care and accuracy with which all Naturis’ ingredients are processed. Natural methods allow us to obtain a syrups that can be used as a sweetening component for a wide variety of products, guaranteeing basic values and benefits: Italian production, no GMO, gluten free, low level of fructose and 100% clean label.  
 A complete range of Applications 
The characteristics of Naturis SyrCore syrup, allow an optimal use of the product on multiple products and preparations in the food industry: 


    Bread and pastries
    Cakes, waffels
    Cereals bars
    Drinks (soft, dairy, plant-based, etc.)
    Fruit preparations • Ice cream
    Rusks, crackers


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