Mango pulp

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Frutos tongorrape s.a offers a wide range of prducts which includes mango pulp. Process: it is is performed with the cutting and pulping for the case of passion fruit and in the case of the handle prior enzyme inactivation by steam extraction of the pulp in the pulpeadora is performed. Juice separation: separation seed juice is carried out in refiners with fine mesh holes up to 0.5mm which allows for a juice / pulp homogeneous and free of debris seed, shell, fiber, etc. Pasteurization: it is eliminates the bacteria. We employ the latest equipment from alfa laval recognized brand which ensures an efficient and secure process that ensures the safety and final product quality. Packaging: for shipment to international markets, 55-gallon metal drums are used, with inner double plastic bags. The net weight of juice / pulp is 200 kg net. Contact us for information.
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Categories Colours; Flavours and Spices; Nutrients
Sales markets Central/South America
Origin Peru
Selling Points Natural Ingredients
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Mango pulp

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