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Mayasan®, founded in 1970 to produce cheese rennet, is now a manufacturer and supplier of ingredients and equipments for the dairy industry around the world. Our top quality products are consumed in 5 continents and in more than 70 countries. Competent and experienced personnel, R&D investments, strategic partnerships, excellent logistics and customer services are behind this success. Mayasan® provides continuous technical support and assistance to distributors and end users. We are grateful to our worldwide distributors, clients, end users for their contribution in our success and growth.


  • Rennets (Calf Rennet (Renna®), Microbial Rennet (Valiren®), 100% Fermentation Produced Chymosin (Renmax®) )
  • Valiren® Starter Cultures for Dairy (Yoghurt,  Yoghurt Drink, Continental Cheese,  Feta Cheese, Kashkaval Cheese, Kefir etc.)
  • Antimicrobial Additives  (Pimalac®, Valisin®, Lysozyme Enzyme)
  • Lactase Enzymes
  • MILKANA® Milk Analyzers
  • Sweetener (Sweetel)

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Sales markets Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America, Africa, Central/South America
Affiliated categories: Enzyme Preparations |Preservatives |Sweeteners More

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Mayasan Food Industries A.S

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