MICRO ZEA: a new range of natural sustainable vegetable fibres

1 Aug 2019

HI-FOOD is finalizing a new range of natural vegetable fibres obtained from Italian corn by-products.MICRO ZEA is the name of the products range.

HI-FOOD is moving on in order to extend its vision on the development of natural and sustainable ingredients by investing in a new technology that allows the recovery of maize by-products.

MICRO ZEA: a new range of natural sustainable vegetable fibres

Emanuele Pizzigalli, founder of HI-FOOD  and Director of Research and Development, talks about the project. " Since the early years of life, HI-FOOD has been committed to the development of natural ingredients with high technological value. We have always tried to create innovation starting from waste material or by-products, focusing on the choice of materials coming from clean and controlled supply chains combined with new industrial processes from selected partners.

Ours is a philosophy of life and a philosophy of industrial development: we try to create natural and sustainable ingredients for the food industry. The MICRO ZEA project is interesting because we are able to get the best from different fractions of the corn (germ and bran), which today are destined for feed uses. The fibers that are obtained are suitable to perform some roles such as absorbing water, thickening, stabilizing and acting as a source of fiber for nutritional claims on the finished product."