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Applications: (1) Mixtures of quiches and savoury tarts: It adds dairy taste and texture, provides dairy flavour and texture, (2) Milk based sauces white, cream-based, cheese-based: It provides dairy flavours and texture, (3) Soups veloutés creams: Dairy flavour is available for veloutés or creams of vegetables and gives texture with the milk protein, (4) Yoghurts and desserts: Powder of skim, half skim or whole milk for milk standardisation, (5) Liquid Drinks (Neutral beuverages): It is used for range of skim milk powders, (6) Powdered drinks: It controls the granulation of the powders, (7) CAKE CREAMS & FILLINGS (Confectioner's custard): It provides texture and dairy flavour; Fillings: It provides texture and dairy flavour; Milk powder consist of whole milk powder 26% fat, Taste: Milk, cream. Contact us for more information.
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Categories Proteins
Origin China
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