Monosodium Citrate

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Jungbunzlauer International AG offers a wide variety of products which includes monosodium citrate. It is a monobasic salt of citric acid and is produced by partial neutralisation of citric acid with a high purity sodium source and subsequent crystallisation. It is supplied as anhydrous material. As partially neutralised salt it occupies an intermediate position between citric acid and the neutral or weakly alkaline trisodium citrate. Monosodium citrate is used if a buffering effect is required or if citric acid is considered to be too aggressive for the formulation. It is also less hygroscopic than citric acid, thus less prone to caking and preferred in critical formulations such as dry blends, instant preparations or tablets. Applications: food, beverages, personal care, industrial applications, healthcare.
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Monosodium Citrate

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