MÜNZING extends portfolio of food grade antifoams

2 Dec 2020

MÜNZING complements its portfolio of food grade antifoams to meet specialized customer needs with both liquid and powder defoamers. The new antifoams are designed as alternatives to silicone oil, including identity preserved non-GMO products and products which may suitably be used as food additives in the EU. Primary applications include controlling foam in vegetable washing, viscous media and protein shakes.

Münzing has added 4 new products to its portfolio of food grade antifoams.

MAGRABAR® J-405 IP is a food grade ester with unique surface-active properties derived from non-GMO materials. It can be used in a variety of applications including as an antifoam in the cooking of sugar syrups, an antifoam and de-aerating agent in the cooking and filling of jams and jellies and as an emulsifier for cooking oils, ice cream and other oil-in-water emulsions.  As a food additive, J-405 IP consists of mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids meeting EU E471 plus propylene glycol.  J-405 IP is silica and silicone free and is non-GMO.

MAGRABAR® PD-4446 is a 100% active defoamer based on a combination of vegetable oil and polyols that is designed to eliminate foam in a broad range of applications. MAGRABAR® PD-4446 rapidly knocks down existing foam and is persistent in keeping foam levels low throughout the process. It is wax, silicone and silica free and an ideal choice if it is not possible to mix the antifoam before use, or if you are looking for an antifoam which should pass a filter.

MAGRABAR® MD-3500 IP is an identity preserved, food grade, dry antifoam for use in powdered drink mixes, instant noodles and other dry products. MAGRABAR® MD-3500 IP can be readily formulated into dry mixtures eliminating foaming during reconstitution with water or during cooking by the consumer or other end-user.

MAGRABAR® MD-4925 is an identity preserved non-GMO food additive powder antifoam, ideal for defoaming of whey protein shakes by blending into the whey protein powder. It is silicone and soy free

MÜNZING extends portfolio of food grade antifoams
New version of MAGRABAR® brochure showcasing MÜNZING’s antifoams range now available.

The products are Kosher and Halal certified, suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets, and gluten and allergen free.

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