Naticol , Fish Collagen Peptides

Product description

The Weishardt International company introduces naticol® 1000 and naticol® 4000, a complete range of marine hydrolyzed collagen. Naticol® is selectively derived from fish skin & scales which have been consumed by mankind for a long time. It is carbohydrate free, fat free, purine free, cholesterol free, ogm free and preservative free. Benefits: 100% natural marine product, 2 types: powder & micro-granulated, 93 to 95% of pure collagen, high level of oligo-peptides, high level of essential amino-acids, neutral taste and odour, excellent solubility in cold water and halaal certified. Applications: beauty from within, osteoarthritis, weight management, healthy joint functions and osteoporosis. Naticol ®is the best place formulas protein diets and finally naticol ®is an important supplement in energy products for athletes.
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