"Natural X Flavorings” by METAROM : A new step towards Naturalness and Pleasure

21 Oct 2020

Today, METAROM France is launching its new ANX range, specially created to meet the challenges facing industrials: aromatic intensity, diversified profiles and controlled costs. The production of our own extracts in our distillation workshops from fruit, plants and herbs, gives us complete control over the process and makes it possible to obtain unique signatures.

Concerned about a healthy and natural diet, 72% of consumers consider the word “natural” as the sign of a clean label product. Recently, the “Natural X Flavoring”, known as NXF, has been making headlines. The X directly refers to the raw material from which it comes, which has the advantage of strengthening the product’s image of naturalness and transparency with consumers.

Natural X Flavorings” by METAROM : A new step towards Naturalness and Pleasure

As a specialist in sweetness, discover our NXF best sellers :

  • in beverages: lemon, mint, mango…
  • in dairy products: strawberry, raspberry…
  • and in the bakery and pastry sector: apricot, apple, coconut, …
Are you looking for caramel ANX? Thanks to our second business, that of caramel creator, we have combined our 2 skills to offer you an in-house Caramel ANX. Unique by its production circuit, we guarantee both the production of the caramel, its distillation and the production of the ANX.

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