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Indian New Crop Sesame Seeds :

Here we are again,on threshold of new crop sesame seeds harvest in India and also in Africa and China and for a change, all is looking good on the sesame street and smiling faces from farmers to traders to buyers, except for the stockiest who is sulking

Indian New Crop Sesame Seeds baby steps harvest has begun from over a week and everyday 10-20 bags arrive into the market yards, providing much needed O2 for the market and rays of hope of a great season ahead for all


Chinese New Crop Sesame Seeds is also on stream and its crop size is bigger than last season so hopefully they would not come shopping to India, in the month of October


Indian New Crop Sesame Seeds projections is as follows from the big 4 states


Madhya Pradesh 125,000 Metric Tons

Uttar Pradesh 75,000 Metric Tons

Rajasthan 70,000 Metric Tons

Gujarat  30,000 Metric Tons


This 325,000 Metric Tons figures is  from Traders & Farmers, The Government figures show 400,000 Tons so even if we take the middle path of 350,000 Tons


Peak Harvest will commence mid October basis that is where you could see dip in prices as peak arrivals and restricted finance in market will make farmers sell at discounted prices as even though demand will be there, one needs to pay up to farmers & traders and funds are drying up in India due to the new tax law GST which is making traders suffer big time and difficult implementation so finance crisis if it hits sesame street in India, expect prices to dip in mid October basis

 Present FOB prices for OLD Crop Sesame Seeds is as follows

Natural Sesame Seeds 99/1 Grade, 99.95% Pure, Sortex Cleaned @ US$ 1150 pmt to US$ 1200 pmt FOB Basis
Hulled Sesame Seeds, Mechanically Hulled,Mechanically Dried, Sortex Cleaned, 99.98% Pure @ US$ 1450 PMT to US$ 1500 PMT FOB Basis

The Indian Rupee has weakened against the U.S.$ by over 2% in under a week due to war of words between USA and North Korea Leaders , and yesterday new tax reforms have been introduced in USA which could make the U.S.$ Stronger in coming weeks and months, so this too impacts prices when we offer from India, prices in $ terms becomes lower basis

The New Crop Sesame Seeds prices could i repeat COULD drop by us$ 100 pmt in the next 2 to 4 weeks if all plays well  on following Terms & Conditions **

Perfect Clear Skies & Lots of Sunshine Between now and Mid October

Stronger Dollar
Perfect Harvest in China
Perfect Harvest in Africa

African Shippers too are in no rush to discount their new crop sesame seeds prices and its very strong currency hurts their prices too in Dollar Terms but then Big Brother China buys a lot from them so this stronger currency does not hurt it, much and with lions share of natural sesame seeds 99/1/1 grade with Africa, it does not have to make much efforts to sell at discounted prices, like India does due to intense competition in India

Think India, Think Sesame Seeds Think Grover Sons 

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New Crop Sesame Seeds Report

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