New HTST/UHT service unit from Armfield increases flexibility of R&D

24 Jun 2019

With the food and drinks industry advancing faster than ever, the innovation department at Armfield has been busy to foresee future trends before they arrive.

The newly developed FT74XA HTST/UHT service unit is a versatile, mobile system that hugely increases the flexibility of R&D, related to HTST/UHT of a variety of liquid products. It is designed to fit into a laboratory setting while still giving you the results you can expect on a production line.

New HTST/UHT service unit from Armfield increases flexibility of R&D
The Armfield FT74XA HTST/UHT service unit

With increased flow, heat transfer area, heating capacity and space optimisation, this is the system of choice for many leading brands in Food and Beverage industry.

Some of the new features:

armBUS system

  • Improved process control and response times
  • Easily adaptable for different configurations
  • Ergonomic design
  • Clear datalogging
Tubular Heat Exchanger
  • Higher thermal efficiency
  • Increased effectiveness of CIP
  • Self-draining
Lower Hopper 
  • Filling and monitoring easier and quicker
CIP pump option
  • CIP pump within unit frame
  • Much higher flow rates
  • Easy to connect in-line
Preheat Boost
  • Rapid Start-up
  • Lower response time to set point changes
  • Closer control over preheat temperature
 Along with an exceptional standard of equipment, Armfield offer 24 hour contact for support and technical services and have over 80 representatives across the globe. We provide a host of services including full design, manufacture, deliver, installation, commissioning and training across our portfolio.

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