Nexira at FIE 2019! NEW LAUNCHING!

19 Nov 2019

Nexira will launch a new brand that will carry our ambitions in the Nutrition & Dietetic markets from 2020.

Come at our booth to discover it! During the show, Nexira will also highlight its innovative & natural solutions for functional, clean label and plant-based food and beverages.

Nexira at FIE 2019! NEW LAUNCHING!
Nexira Superfoods

Discover Nexira’s new range of natural & sustainable Superfoods

Nexira’s new range of superfoods are an invitation to adventure through its sustainable sourcing from different origins. Our complete range offers various nutritional interests to support a balanced diet with natural, raw or organic powders. For example, our organic Baobab is a pure fruit powder, sustainably sourced in Africa and with a unique slightly tangy taste.

Quench consumer’s thirst for functional beverages with best-in class botanical extracts

Nexira has developed a wide range of natural & plant-based powders for beverages. From superfoods and botanical extracts for nutritional fortification, to branded ingredients with targeted health benefits, Nexira’s solutions meet consumers’ increasing demand for functional & clean label drinks.  

Need a superfood to pep-up your beverage? Try adding one of Nexira’s natural ingredients to fortify and add targeted, nutritional health benefits, in addition to creating a cleaner label!

Nexira’s experts will help provide you a solution: whether it’s acerola for vitamin C, guarana for natural caffeine, hibiscus for its unique color, baobab for its fruity, tangy taste, acacia for its natural fiber, or Cactinea™ for its unrivaled detox properties!

NEW: Thixogum™ G the perfect clean label beverage stabilizerThixogum™ G is an all-natural & unique combination of acacia & gellan gums

Encapsulating the gellan gum with acacia gum makes Thixogum™ G easier to dose, disperse and solubilize than gellan gum alone.   

Thixogum™ G is a clean label alternative to traditional emulsifier and stabilizer systems. Thixogum™ G is a perfect stabilizer for dairy alternatives or dairy-free coffee creamers.
With its excellent suspension properties Thixogum™ G can be used in beverages made up of insoluble compounds to suspend particles (e.g. in fruit juices to maintain a homogenous suspension of the fruit pulp).

Thixogum™ G is suitable with vegan and sugar-free formulations.

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