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Nisin is a natural antimicrobial agent used as a preservative in heat processed and low ph foods. According to the food chemical news guide (a reference guide to the uses of foods additives permitted under federal law), a nisin preparation is a concentrate of dry material derived from the controlled fermentation of a naturally occurring milk bacteria streptococcus lactis. This bacterium contains nisin, a group of related peptides (partial amino acid chains that make up proteins) with antibiotic activity. The chemical nisin cannot be synthesized artificially, so the nisin-producing bacteria` are basically farmed for their synthesis of nisin. Application: nisin is effective natural food preservative, can be used in products across a wide range of ph levels(3.5 – 8.0). Inhibition of sporeforming bacteria ( particularly clostridium spore ) in selected dairy products and other food products. Contact us for more information.
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