NSK-SD: The Fermented Soybean Extract

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"Nattokinase" is an enzyme found in "Natto", the fermented soybean that is traditional fermented food and familiar with our dining. Nattokinase shows strong thrombolytic activity. We focused on Nattokinase and established the manufacturing method of "The Fermented Soybean Extract NSK-SD" containing rich amount of Nattokinase ahead of the world in 1998. Since then, as a pioneer of Nattokinase, we have researched the functionality and safety of "NSK"."Thrombosis" accounts for 1/4 of the cause of death for Japanese. In other countries (especially USA and Europe), the death rate of vascular diseases also exceed 30%, and delayed effects after onset of the diseases are serious social problem. We have worked on the research and development actively for the purpose of widely using "Nattokinase" that is the functional ingredient for the prevention of the disease. We have done screening of strain that highly produces nattokinase and have established the manufacturing method that removes "Vitamin K2", a blood coagulation factor. We took out a unique smell, "Natto flavor" and finally created "The Fermented  Soybean Extract "NSK-SD". We bring together know-how to offer the wide range of fields and try out best to develop the upgrading products. As a top supplier, we have dispatched the information to the market in overseas and have sold Nattokinase not only in Japan, but also Asia, USA, and EU countries. In Korea, Nattokinase has been admitted by KFDA as health functional food, functional ingredient <Category of Blood Pressure>.  For others, Novel Food in EU, patents in several countries and so on. For more information, please visit our booth!!
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NSK-SD: The Fermented Soybean Extract

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