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NuTek's unique and patented technology allows very high sodium reduction levels across all foods without compromising taste, safety and functionality. NuTek Salt does not use any flavours, bitter blockers or yeast extracts. Furthermore, NuTek is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the marketplace today. NuTek has a global distribution network and has Barentz as exclusive distribution partner in Europe.

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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central America; Central/South America; East Asia (e.g., China, Japan, Korea); South America; South Asia (e.g. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, e.t.c); South East Asia (e.g., Tailand, Philippines, Singapore, e.t.c.)
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How low can you go? Salt reduction pressure ramps up

15 Mar 2019

How low can you go? Salt reduction pressure ramps up

Industry remains under pressure to cut salt, as new reports continue to underline salt’s health impacts – and highlight the high salt content of many processed foods.

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5 Apr 2018

Natural solutions for salt reduction

Salt reduction is one of the food industry’s megatrends, but many of the options available to food manufacturers clash with demand for clean labels.

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