NUTRIANCE: Wheat protein concentrate

This protein concentrate is perfectly adapted for sports and senior nutrition, with a high glutamine content. It has a neutral colour and taste without acidity, a very good digestibility, as well as a specific texture allowing an excellent dispersibility in water. Contact us for more information.

In response to the development of sports nutrition and the strong demand for alternative protein sources, CHAMTOR (VIVESCIA group) has developed a protein concentrate named NUTRIANCE.

NUTRIANCE has been rewarded during the French Innovation Corner at FIE 2015, in the category « Proteins of the Future ».

Rich in Glutamine : amino acid contributing to the post-effort recovery
NUTRIANCE is a source of protein which is rich in Glutamic Acid and branched-chain Amino Acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine).
Glutamine is a majority amino acid in the human body, synthesized by the metabolism but quickly used up. It takes part in the detoxification of the body, gives it energy.
It brings nitrogen to the other amino acids and is important for the immune system. That is why it is strongly advised for the recovery after intense physical effort.  

Hydrolyzed protein : excellent digestibility
NUTRIANCE is a hydrolyzed protein with excellent digestibility. Alone or in combination with other protein sources on the market, it is an essential ingredient for the formulation of food supplements corresponding perfectly to the nutritional needs of sportsmen. As you know, they look for stimulation, muscular recovery after effort and endurance.
For sportsmen NUTRIANCE, alone or in association with other protein sources, allows to respect the nutritional recommendations. In addition, this protein concentrate is particularly suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Neutral taste, good solubility 
NUTRIANCE has many assets, in particular its solubility, optimized thanks to its manufacturing process
Its neutral taste and smell as well as its light color make it easy to incorporate into any type of formulation or preparation.

An ideal ingredient for multiple applications: high protein bars, high protein drinks, high protein biscuits, powder for sportsmen, ready-to-drink, protein gel-sticks, high protein milk-based desserts, high protein soups …


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NUTRIANCE: Wheat protein concentrate

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