Optimo Milky Whey - SMP Replacer

Product description

Sweet Whey Powder produced by means of a spray method from fresh whey. It is not subjected to lactose crystallization process and it is obtained by evaporating a part of the water contained in it. Lactose is in amorphous form which affects increased sweetness and fluffy structure of the Sweet Whey Powder. To save cost, Optimo Milky Whey is recommend to be used to replace from 30% up to 100% of skim milk powder in your confectionery recipe, the final product still gives you a natural milk taste and flavour. Dedicated specifically for ice cream, breads, cakes, desserts, candy, fudge, cream fillings, toppings and chocolate
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Categories Dough Strengtheners and Conditioners; Flavour Enhancers
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Africa
Supplied from Poland

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