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Brown Rice Syrup

Shafi Gluco Chem

Brown Rice Syrup

Brown Rice Syrup or Brown Rice Glucose Syrup, is an all natural, gluten free and hypoallergenic light amber colored syrup. Made from the enzy...



Glucidex Premium

GLUCIDEX® Premium range provides safe and high tolerance energy for baby milk formula. Energy is one of the key nutrients in infant formula. GLUCI...


ALPAVIT Käserei Champignon Hofmeister GmbH & Co.

Alpavit Demin 70

ALPAVIT Demin 70 is manufactured via the selective reduction of minerals. Particularly for follow-on formula, it offers all the features which ...


Avena Foods Ltd.

Avena BEST Pulse Flours, Cracked Pulses and Grit

BEST pulse flours, cracked pulses and grit are specialty milled from non-GMO whole, split and decorticated pulses (peas, lentils, chickpeas, and be...


Shandong Zhonggu Starch Sugar Co., Ltd.

Corn starch

山东中谷淀粉糖业有限公司提供各种饲料产品,包括玉米淀粉。以玉米为原料,经水淹,破碎,分离,精制,干燥而成的粉末,色泽为纯白色。气味纯正,广泛用于食品,医药,淀粉深加工,化工等。外观:白玉米/黄玉米。包装:40kg,25kg pp袋 联系我们获取更多信息。


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