Original Rhode Island Dressing

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Rapsona Rhode Island is the classic salad dressing, as it should taste. Based on rapeseed oil, egg yolk and tomato, it has a mild flavour with a touch of dill and pepper. Obvious to the salad buffet, but just as good for a shrimp cocktail or a burger. Ingredients: Swedish rape oil, water, sugar, tomato purée, eggs, salt, yellow and brown mustard seed, acidity regulating agent (E 260, E 270, E 330), modiḀerad starch (potato), spices, stabilizers (E 415), preservative (E 211, E 202). Storage: Starved. Once opened store at max +8 ° C. Packaging Bucket are manufactured from polypropylene (PP), which is sorted as hard plastic. Article number: 521334, Size: 3 kg, Number / pl: 126, Weight/pallet net kg: 378 kg, Number Lichen: 7, Height of pallet: 1050mm.
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Categories Fat Replacers; Flavour Enhancers; Nutrients
Supplied from Nepal

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Original Rhode Island Dressing

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