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Anhui Fubore Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co Ltd Offers a wide range of products which includes paracetamol. Property: white crystal or crystalline powder. Main application: antipyretic analgesic drug. Package: 25kg plastic woven bag or 25kg cardboard drum. Storage: shading, confined preservation.
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Details Molecular formula: C8H9NO2 , molecular weight: 151.16. Ph value: 5.5-6.5. Chloride, %=: 0.01. Sulfate, %=: 0.02. P-aminophenol, %=: 0.005. Loss on drying, %=: 0.5. Residue on ignition, %=: 0.1. Heavy metal, ppm=: 10. Substances concerned: up to regulation. Content (dry goods),%: 98.0-102.0.
Origin China
Measured In Kgs
Selling Points International Approvals/Standards; Packaging; Quality Service
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