PB Leiner's launch of new collagen product concepts at Vitafoods 2019

5 Aug 2019

PB Leiner is excited to announce the launch of new collagen product concepts and to invite those attending Vitafoods to Professor Robert Hickner’s lecture about collagen’s potential health benefits in sports.

Professor Hickner is a lifelong athlete and professor at the Department of Nutrition, Food and Exercise Science at Florida State University. SOLUGEL®’s new branding will also be presented at Vitafoods.

PB Leiner's launch of new collagen product concepts at Vitafoods 2019

A number of new product concepts (sports gel, a fitness drink and collagen peptides water) feature SOLUGEL® collagen peptides from the Dissolution Series and carefully selected active ingredients. The product concepts are sophisticated formulations aimed at harnessing the health benefits of both SOLUGEL® collagen peptides (injury prevention, muscle recovery, bone and joint health, skin health etc.) and active ingredients such as vitamins.

The product concepts are aimed at active men and women, including both professional athletes and lifestyle users who are interested in staying healthy and active. They were developed in line with the latest consumer trends and popular product formats and ingredients.

“We are excited to present new collagen product concepts and to talk about collagen’s role in sports nutrition, which is gaining increasing importance in scientific literature. In recent years, consumer interest has increased, giving R&D teams in the food and beverage industry multiple application ideas for collagen peptides.

With our new sports gel, beverage collagen product concepts and our guest speaker, we would like to inspire you while keeping you abreast of the latest market trends and scientific research”, said Koen Vanhoutte, PB Leiner’s Sales & Marketing Director for the EMEA region.

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