Pharmactive introduces AFF ON Cool-Tech

1 Nov 2019

Pharmactive Biotech Products, the maker of affron, the clean-label saffron extract, says it has optimized product quality and concentration with AFF ON Cool-Tech, its new, natural proprietary extraction process that the company claims maintains peak freshness and purity.

This process is said to be gentle on the saffron plant – one of nature’s most fragile – safeguarding the potent actives in the saffron essence.

Pharmactive introduces AFF ON Cool-Tech

AFF ON Cool-Tech was specially designed, developed and patented by Pharmactive´s team of saffron extraction experts.

“AFF ON Cool-Tech does not use harmful solvents, synthetics or additives of any kind,” said Jorge Rodríguez, Head of Production at Pharmactive, about the eco-friendly technique. “It generates very low waste and considerably reduces the impact on the environment, minimizing the carbon footprint. The AFF ON Cool-Tech process requires less industrial processing than other saffron extractors, lowering the energy consumed – and all in fewer steps.”

AFF ON Cool-Tech is claimed to produce the highest concentration of saffron-sourced Lepticrosalides actives currently on the market, as tested and shown by HPLC-DAD (high-performance liquid chromatography with a diode-array detector).

“Pharmactive is the first saffron actives supplier that can scientifically demonstrate how its products deliver outstanding beneficial/valuable properties at among the lowest recommended doses in the market (just 28 mg/day),” said Julia Diaz, Pharmactive’s Marketing Manager. “This is a powerful indicator of AFF ON Cool-Tech’s effectiveness.”

The company notes that saffron is among the most expensive botanicals in the world – literally worth more than its weight in gold – which makes counterfeiting common. Pharmactive cultivates saffron in its own fields in the Spanish Castilla-La Mancha region, where Crocus sativus L. has been grown and nurtured for centuries.