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Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) comprises a superfamily of intracellular and secreted enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of the sn-2-ester bond of glycerophospholipids to yield fatty acids such as arachidonic acid and lysophospholipids. Phospholipase A2 is used extensively as a processing aid in many food applications, including:  Enzymatic degumming of vegetable oil; Low fat cheese and dairy production; Improving the heat stability and emulsifying properties of egg yolk and soy products; Promoting antibacterial activity against both GRAM-positive and GRAM-negative bacteria; Preventing oiling out during cheese production, thereby increasing yield; Pharmaceuticals

Phospholipase A2 has a variety of applications in drug delivery systems.

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Categories Emulsifiers / Lecithins
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Asia; Australia; North America; Central/South America
Supplied from Canada
Product Applications Healthy Food & Beverages

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