Plasma protein - Comminuted cooked meat products

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Plasma protein as multifunctional ingredient
Plasma protein has excellent functional properties with relation to the stabilization of the water/protein/fat matrix in a large variety of comminuted cooked meat products, such as luncheon meat, frankfurters, bologna
and mortadella. By using this protein at the preparation of these meat products the risk is reduced that jelly and fat separation occurs during cooking. The application of recommended concentrations of plasma protein does not influence quality characteristics, such as consistency and sensoric parameters of cooked meat products.

Which plasma proteins
Sonac produces different plasma proteins from bovine and porcine blood. In particular, concentrated frozen plasma and plasma powder are very suitable at the preparation of comminuted cooked meat products. These protein ingredients reduce the jelly and fat separation of these meat products both with and without phosphate. Besides waterbinding are plasmaproteins also excellent fatbinders. Plasma proteins can be applied in high concentrations without negative effects on the consistency of comminuted meat products. In general, high concentrations can give rise to color, smell and taste deviations, particularly in case of plasma powder. The Sonac plasma proteins distinguish themselves by the relatively high admissible concentrations without
sensoric deviations in the end products.
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Details The success factors of plasma protein
• Own protein to meat
• Excellent functional properties of natural protein
• Reduction of jelly separation of comminuted cooked meat products
• Reduction of fat separation of comminuted cooked meat products
• Effective concentrations without sensoric deviations
• Meat replacement by concentrated plasma protein
Categories Proteins
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Origin Jamaica
Selling Points Natural Ingredients; Sustainability
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Plasma protein - Comminuted cooked meat products

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